Vivere Azure: a Serene Sanctuary in Anilao (Part 1)

February 11, 2014

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Vivere Azure: a Serene Sanctuary in Anilao, Batangas |

Vivere means to live: Azure means a light, purplish blue. I’m guessing the owner named the resort Vivere Azure because the message he wanted to convey is how nice it is to spend your time living near the water or how relaxing it would be if you’re living near the water.

My sister who calls herself Anney always wants her vacation spent near the water. For her birthday, she treated us — Ykaie and I — and a couple of her friends — Amy and Razziel– for a night here at Vivere,Azure in Anilao, Batangas. We left Manila very early in the morning and arrived at the resort at noon.

We were given a welcome drink of cold Pandan Juice upon arrival. This is the second time I’ve had Pandan Juice as a welcome drink. The first was at Bellaroca Island in Marinduque.

They have an open and spacious lobby area. There were no other guests at the time so we were free to pose and have our photos taken to our heart’s desire. LOL!

See what I mean? We can do whatever pose we want and not be embarrassed about it.. Well, at least Ykaie can.

There’s wifi in the lobby so I got myself busy while sis took photos of her friends and the kids: Ykaie, Cyra, and Cyvrine.

The staff who assisted us verified and checked our reservation and then we were led into our rooms.

This is what the room looks like from the inside looking out…

Sis got two rooms namely the Sapphire and the Cobalt. These rooms are beside each other and look very similar. We got our reservation at a discount. It was for ₱12,500 each and each room can accommodate two adults and two children. Our reservation includes full board meals.

This is what the room looks like when you’re at the door looking in…

 I love the rooms here at Vivere Azure. They were able to combine native and modern, then turn it into something elegant.

There’s cable tv in the room and a small table at the corner. I wish the table has these table skirts though.

There’s coffee and tea facility in one corner. I love the native banig-like holder of the bottled water.

The toiletries are complete as well and the bathroom, although somewhat small, is very clean as well.

We had the resort all to ourselves except for one couple who we rarely saw in the pool area. Photos of us in the pool coming up in my next post!

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