The Exchange Regency: Cyra’s 6th Birthday (Part 2)

January 25, 2014

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The Exchange Regency

After getting settled in our room and taking photos, we went downstairs to have some snacks at the cafe. The kids settled for a slice of chocolate cake and a chocolate muffin. Sis and I had pasta to fill our tummies.

The Playground

After that, we headed to the playground. It was quite small but enough to keep kids entertained.

What’s nice about the playground is that it’s near the pool area. There wouldn’t be any problem if the kids wanted to play and their parents wanted to lounge around in the pool, they can still keep an eye on their children.

The Swimming Pools

The Exchange Regency

Just like the playground, the swimming pools are located at the 3rd floor of The Exchange Regency. There is one large pool for adults and it has a separate children’s pool and jacuzzi.

The Exchange Regency

It was so nice to relax in the pool on these chairs submerged in the water….

but if you don’t want to, there are also other beach chairs around the swimming pool where you can rest and wipe yourself dry.

Ykaie, Cyra, and Cyvrine enjoyed swimming as well as having their photos taken  by the pool.

If the water in the big pool gets too cold for you, then you can go right ahead into the jacuzzi to get warmed up…

The kids didn’t like it though. You’ll find them in the kiddie pool which is the same size as the jacuzzi.

We stopped swimming at around 6pm and had dinner at Amici’s in Megamall.

Next day’s breakfast was at Mario’s Kitchen dowstairs. There isn’t much choice, though, given how affordable our staycation was. Nevertheless, I’m sure this is one staycation the kids will never forget.

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