SM By The Bay Amusement Park {SMBY}

September 29, 2012

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After our adventures in Seriland, we decided to go to the SMBY or Sm By The Bay Amusement Park in Sm Mall of Asia.

It is a 1.5km long stretch located behind SM Mall of Asia which feautures 16 unique rides for the whole family.It is considered as Storyland’s 7th theme park that offers thrilling rides such as the Nessi Coaster, Super Viking and a lot more.

Ykaie, Chellie and Shy decided to try the WOW BALLS. These are huge inflatable balls that would allow them to walk over the water without getting wet. Ykaie was scared to stand up during her WOW Ball moment.

She was all sweaty when she came out after 5 minutes…..

Kids are always hungry during times like these. Everybody wanted some french fries after the wow balls….

hello cheesy fries….

Alright, snack’s over…time for another ride….


I wish I could forever have the budget for these kinds of things. I guess it’s a bout time I check out the us mint information, so I know where to invest.

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