Our Room at Peninsula de Punta Fuego {Part 1}

September 7, 2012

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After a fun dip at the beautiful pools at Terrazas de Punta Fuego, we had to go back to the Peninsula de Punta Fuego by 2pm. That’s the check-in time and our room was ready by then. We occupied one of rooms at the Casita which was big enough for 4 people. It has two double beds and the room was very clean.

There was a fruit plate and  the room opens up into a full veranda. There’s no view, though, only two comfy seats where, I don’t know, you can smoke and gossip?

If not for the two double beds, I’d say the room has romantic possibilities. Aside from the cookies, chips and nuts, they also have wine at the mini-bar.

The complimentary water was too small for one person…don’t you agree?

The bathroom/toilet was spacious. My only problem was that it has no curtains…only a glass door that opens into a pocket garden. I’m kinda worried somebody would just peek through while I’m taking a bath or doing my thing….

And what’s scarier is that, outside in the pocket garden is this small statue of a creature. I don’t what creature is that….I called it Undin when we were there…LOL! I have this  scary thoughts that the Undin will walk inside the bathroom and eat me!

Here’s Ykaie after a tiring day of swimming and eating!

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