The Butterfly Garden and The Aviary

August 6, 2012

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Just like what I told you on the first part of this post, the deal comes with a free breakfast. Breakfast was a piece of pancake and a piece of ham and since there were 12 of us and only 11 will get free breakfast, peanutbutter just ordered a boneless Bangus meal.

We reserved going to the Aviary and the Butterfly Center after breakfast and before letting the kids go for their last swim.

Waiting outside our room for everyone to finish changing clothes…..

The Butterfly Garden

I don’t know if we were just too early or if the resort is understaffed but it was already 9am and we didn’t find anybody there to give us a tour.

So we just let ourselves in and looked around….

There were butterflies, of course! It’s a butterfly garden!

No time to look around the adventure camp because the kids are more excited to be in the water…..


The Aviary

The Aviary has different kinds of birds but you wouldn’t be as curious because there’s nobody to tour you around.

We were let in and that’s it…. Say hi to the ostrich…

..And say hi to the bearcat.

I didn’t know what the other birds were….

This was the kind of resort where you go once then you don’t make any plans to come back. The staff were just unfriendly and they don’t make you feel welcome.

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