Isdaan Floating Restaurant and Fun Park – Calauan, Laguna

August 28, 2012

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Last March, after going to the 17th Philippines Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark Airfield, we decided to drop by Isdaan Restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac. We took an instant liking to the the whole concept of the restaurant-slash-theme-park that we immediately made plans to visit this other branch in Calauan,Laguna.

Last month on a Sunday, to put my newly acquired driving skills into practice, we decided to go to Isdaan for lunch.

Like the one in Tarlac, this is filled with larger than life replicas of buddhas, gorillas, mermaids, dinosaurs, a variety of animals and life-size replicas of the different disney characters, angry birds, hulk and other super heroes.

They also have the famous San Kilo bridge, a long and narrow bridge in between 9-ft deep water which you have to cross carrying a pail of water in each hand. If you’re able to cross it successfully without falling in the water, then you got yourself a a kilo of fresh fish which the restaurant will be happy to cook for you.

They also have the Tacsyapo Wall, which we didn’t bother to go to because we were really hungry when we arrived.

Check out what we had for lunch here: Our Lunch

The kids really enjoyed it here because aside from the life-size statues of their favorite cartoon characters, there are also kiddie bikes and see-saws around the restaurant.

I still like the place, my disappointment was with a few things in the menu that weren’t available….

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