Kamay Ni Jesus Healing Church ~ Lucban, Quezon

July 17, 2012

in Church, Lucban Quezon

Kamay Ni Jesus Healing Church is a pilgrimage site located at the slopes of Mt. Banahaw.

There’s 292 steps going up to Kamay ni Hesus. Along the way, you’ll pass by numerous life size statues of the 14 Stations of the Cross.

This is the church at the foot of the slopes….it was very pretty inside this church.

But before you can even go and walk up to Kamay ni Jesus. You have to pass by the Garden of Eden….

There’s also an animal playground….

…lifesize statues of Adam and Eve from the creation, the temptation and the original sin….

…followed by Noah’s Ark…

and the different pairs of animals…

Befor going out, we lighted up candles for the different aspect of our lives like money, love, peace and health

If you are going to Lucban for company trips, team buildings and recreation, you’ll need experienced corporate event planners but if you’re just going to Lucban for a short family vacation or a pilgrimage, then very little planning is needed.

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