Out and About the Town of Boac, Marinduque

June 22, 2012

in Marinduque

Like what I said in my previous post, it was a Sunday when we went to Boac and all establishments are closed. We decided to go to the Boac Cathedral which is located just a few walks away from the hotel.

The Boac Cathedral was built in 1792 and is home to the Holy Mother of Mercy. The Katipunan flag was blessed on this church in 1899.

The people in the town of Boac believed that their patron saint rescued them during the Moro’s attack in the 18th century.

After church, we went to the town plaza. Bodette’s Gift Shop carries all kinds of souvenirs and pasalubongs. They also sell masks used for the Moriones festival. I was able to buy the nicest, most effective “suyod” here.

This is Kusina sa Plaza, the biggest and most popular restaurant-slash-café in town.

We had Halo-Halo there for ₱50 each. There was no other place to go to after Kusina sa Plaza, so we decided to go back to the hotel and rest.

Just in case you’re wondering, here are some suggestion on what to bring home from Marinduque as pasalubong to your friends and loved ones…

Arrowroot Cookies – these are sweet and tasty cookies that is the pride of Marinduque. It is popularly known as Uraro cookies.

Everything and anything related to the Moriones festival like masks, statues, wooden swords and keychains.

Saludsod or Arrowroot Pancake, Atsara Sauce and Coco Bagoong….

..and these beautiful bottles! I should’ve bought one of that green and pink ones…

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