Swimming in Potipot Island

May 9, 2012

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Potipot Island is located in the town of Candelaria in Zambales. It’s a small island completely surrounded with fine white sand and clear waters.

I think it was sis who suggested to our cousin Myra that we celebrate our niece’s birthday there since it was only two hours away from their home in Subic. I was okay with it since I’ve heard a lot about the island. I didn’t have any expectations.

We set off with cousins and nieces, prepared meals the night before and packed clothes and some of our essential things. We parked at the gateway and paid P200 for one whole day of parking.

For the boat that will take us back and forth the island, we paid P500. The small boat can accommodate up to seven persons. They provide life vests but there was no roof. Good thing it was only a good 5-7 minute ride.

The entrance fee at the island is P100 per person, regardless if you brought your own tent or not. An overnight stay costs P300. There are few tables and cottages scattered around but it’s sort of on a first come, first serve basis. Like, find your own table.

We didn’t find any vacant table and settled under the shade of a big tree near the waters.

Honestly, this beautiful island was a big disappointment. Why? Because it was poorly maintained by the owners or the caretakers. I can take it that it doesn’t have any electricity and water source is deep-well with hand-pump {poso} but trash and garbage are all over and the restrooms are stinky.

There are many spots where you can capture the natural beauty of Potipot in photo and if only the owner would continue to develop it, it will be a nice vacation spot.

If you’re into “roughing it”, this island may be ideal for you but if not, I suggest you go elsewhere.

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