Dads Resort, Malabon

March 20, 2011

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This was just one of those spontaneous lets-go-swimming-thing last year.  I didn’t know what got into sis when she asked us to go swimming instead of  going to an all inclusive holidays costa teguise.

Dads Resort is located in Malabon City and the nearest resort to our place. We just called a sidecar {pedicab} and paid them P100 each to take us there and pick us up three hours later.

This swimming thing had no plans at all. We just called my cousin, Rome to join our “group swimming”. It was me, sis, rome, my nephew kakai and ykaie who went.

This is just a small resort with two swimming pools and the place is usually crowded during summer. The table that we got was the only available table at the time. The Table with Umbrella costs P250 and the resort entrance fee is P150 per person.

Here’s ykaie at the slide..

You wanna see how crowded this small resort gets?? Here’s a photo..

So crowded, it’s like everyone in Malabon decided to go swimming this one day in May. But you know, I think this is what keeps this place happy.

Are you curious about the food we brought with us? We brought salami sandwich, spam, rice, chips at juice- the only food we could prepare in a short period of time. The other tables had lots of food and we were envious..LOL!

Look at the kiddie pool, it’s so crowded. Ykaie actually enjoyed swimming here. Yeah, I know, it gets dirty after a while but what the heck? People die from drowning and not dirty pool water, so I just let her enjoy the day.

Dads Resort
St. Francis, Malabon City

I don’t know the exact address and the phone number but when you get to St.Francis, you can just ask directions from anyone in that area and they would know.

DISCLAIMER: I am not in any way related to Dads Resort, Malabon

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