My First Travel

February 5, 2011

in out of the country, The Past

It feels weird posting about this but I told you I would be posting about old travels.Pardon the blurry photos, I just scanned these photos. These were times when we were still using film cameras.

Yup, that’s me.  Don’t I look weird to you? This photo was taken in Bangkok, Thailand.  We didn’t really take a lot of photos when we were there.

I came with Sis and Sis’s friend Gisella. I know, I have weird hair..quit staring.LOL! Sis is blurry in this photo because she asked me to. She looks better when blurred! {peace}

This is Thailand’s TUKTUK. It is a three-wheel motorized vehicle that is like a combination of a tricycle and a jeepney.

I think this was way back in 2001. OMG! That’s 10 years ago!

I couldn’t really remember a lot of what we did here. I remember the street foods that we ate ,though..

I hope I could go back there with peanutbutter and ykaie…

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