If you’ve ever done a Google search for the words “stephen a. wynn las vegas,” then you know that there is a lot of potential in Las Vegas for young entrepreneurs and people looking to make a change. Las Vegas is a city that is most known for its tourism, but many people live and work there as well. Contrary to its reputation as “Sin City,” Las Vegas can be an excellent place to start or raise a family. If you’re considering moving to Las Vegas, here are some things to keep in mind.

The City Is Growing

The area of Las Vegas that attracts tourists is relatively small. The rest of the city is less glitz and glamour and more like any other American city. Las Vegas is actually rapidly growing outside of the tourism industry. Many businesses are opening facilities in Las Vegas, making it a perfect place for someone who is starting a career or looking to do something new.

The City Never Sleeps

People call New York City the city that never sleeps, but they should really reserve that title for Las Vegas. Everything is truly open 24-hours, from entertainment venues to grocery stores. If you’re a night owl, you will always have something to do in Las Vegas.

You Won’t Always Hang Out On The Strip

When people move to Las Vegas, they usually visualize themselves hitting up the casinos and having fun on the strip each and every night. While the strip is indeed fun if you’re hosting visiting friends or family members, few residents of the city actually spend every night there. The more time you spend in Las Vegas, the more you’ll discover haunts that are more popular with locals than they are with tourists. While most tourists are lovely people, locals genuinely like to get to know and befriend other locals, as tourists won’t be around permanently.

It’s A Bargain Shopper’s Paradise

Las Vegas is positively brimming with discount stores, strip malls and other places where shoppers can easily save some cash. From big box chain stores to small, locally owned businesses, Las Vegas is a great place to save money. Be adventurous and check out new shopping areas to discover the best places to save money on the items that you need and love.

Be Aware Of Traffic

Las Vegas is mostly a wonderful place to live, but don’t move there if you despise bad traffic. Traffic is truly the only downside to Las Vegas. While it isn’t as bad as the traffic in Los Angeles, the traffic in Las Vegas does require that you always give yourself extra time when you’re planning to get somewhere. You might be late a few times upon first moving to the city, but over time, you’ll learn to adapt.

Las Vegas isn’t just a spot for tourism and vacations. Rather, it’s a thriving city with a growing economy and plenty of opportunity for those who are looking for a change.


Travelers looking to really get back to nature, and enjoy the scenic vistas and great outdoors in New York state should put a visit to the Mohonk Preserve at the very top of their wish list of places to go.

The Mohonk Preserve, located 90 miles north of New York City, in the breathtaking Shawangunk Mountains (or ‘Gunks’), offers several outdoor, back-to-nature activities that will delight all who take in the sights, sounds, and refreshing clean air here.

Named by Outdoor magazine as one of the five best city escapes nationwide, the Preserve offers visitors a variety of activities in which to participate in that can offer simple tranquility to thrilling outdoor challenges.

Hikers can enjoy a trek here, with over 30 miles of carriage roads and trails in which they may cover. Areas vary in grade, from flat to more challenging uphill climbs, so there are routes that will suit any hiker. For disabled visitors, they can partake in the J&S Sensory Trail, a self-guiding, fairly level 15 minute loop that encourages visitors to use all their senses to enjoy this experience.

Bikers are able to challenge themselves on over 30 miles of carriage roads, and over 80 miles in the Gunks. Varied topography will provide fun rides for bikers from novice level to the experienced. Open meadows to cliff-top views are in abundance here, with links to Minnewasha State Park Preserve and the Mohonk Mountain House available for exploration.

For a really thrilling adventure, climbing cliffs are in abundance on the Preserve, with easy, full access to 1,000 routes with over 5 linear miles of cliff face, conveniently located near sanitary facilities and parking areas. The Gunks, receiving about 50,000 climber visits yearly, is a world-class climbing area, among the safest climbing areas in the northeastern U.S.

With some of the best running trails in the northeast, as rated by New York Runner magazine, hundreds of miles of carriage roads and trails throughout the Gunks, from easy to downright sweat-breaking, runners thoroughly enjoy the beautiful trails and scenery here throughout the Preserve.

The Preserve welcomes school and group visits, and has a site available for rent for weddings and events.

Actively promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities, certified NY State Inclusivity Assessors provide accessibility consultations with individuals and groups, and can provide all-terrain wheelchairs to borrow if needed.

Guests to the area that wish to make this a most memorable trip should look into lodging accommodations locally, such as at the Mohonk Mountain House New York. Local lodging can provide visitors with quick and easy access to the Mohonk Preserve and surrounding areas, and may enable them to stay in a resort that is rustic, and provides amenities that will be most enjoyable and memorable for guests that elect to stay in the area.


Gluten intolerance is at an all-time high in this country. With more people becoming insensitive to this protein, companies are racing to keep up with the demand for safe hygiene and health care products like gluten free sunscreen. People who suffer from celiac disease often cannot use mainstream products because of the protein found in these lotions. They instead must use those products that are made without the protein in them. When they use these gluten free offerings, people avoid the complications that come with celiac disease like rashes, hives, bloating, cramping, headaches,and more.

It can be difficult to locate such products in stores, however. Many retailers will only carry products that they can sell in great quantities to the general public. They may be afraid to carry specialty health care items out of fear of losing money. When people cannot find the celiac-friendy products they need, they may need to shop online. When they shop online, they can find a range of gluten free products that suit their hygiene and healthcare purposes without compromising their overall wellness.

One of the biggest concerns when people shop online, however, is whether or not a product is legitimately gluten free. They may worry that the company is merely saying that it is without sufficient proof. When they shop on a website that offers guaranteed gluten free products, people may feel more at ease with their selections. They can click on the picture of each product, read the ingredient list, and see firsthand that the product contains no grain protein at all in it. They can then go ahead and check out for the rest of their order.

Along with sunscreens, people with gluten sensitivities may also want to check out other gluten free products found on the website. They can find lip balms, sprays, and more that are all natural and free of the gluten that causes them health distresses. If they worry about the pricing for their favorite products, people may be able to save money by signing up for discounts and savings using the link found on the left side of the page. They can also communicate and network with other celiac sufferers online using the social media plugins. People who have celiac disease and sensitivities cannot often use mainstream healthcare products. They can find gluten free offerings by shopping online.


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